Initial Logistics Assessment for the Thompson Brothers Lithium Project

Initial Logistics Assessment for the Thompson Brothers Lithium Project 150 150 Snow Lake Resources


  • The Company is in preliminary discussions with Arctic Gateway Group for capacity to the Tanco mine and Port of Churchill
  • Logistics solution assessment to further boost the Thompson Brothers Lithium Project as a Canadian Tier 1 lithium deposit
  • Opportunity to further de-risk Snow Lake ’s low capex, clear path to production and cash flow strategy


August 18, 2019, TORONTO, ONT. – SNOW LAKE RESOURCES LTD. (“Snow Lake”, “ SNOW” or the “Company”) is pleased to advise that following the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Tanco Mining Corporation of Canada Limited, the Company has entered into preliminary discussions with the Arctic Gateway Group (which is owned by First Nations and communities, Fairfax and AGT Food and Ingredients) the owners of Hudson Bay Railway for future capacity to the Tanco mine as part of the Company’s initial logistics assessment. The Hudson Bay Railway, which runs north from the Pas Manitoba to Churchill Manitoba, has the capacity to transport commercial tonnages of Spodumene. The results of the assessment will be utilized by the Company in the ongoing development and assessment of the Thompson Brothers Lithium project


Figure 1 Rail Distance to Tanco Mine

The Company is committed its fast track development strategy for a low capex,


Figure 2 Rail Distance to Port of Churchill

Snow Lake now intends to keep an open dialogue with the Arctic Gateway Group over the coming months with site visits planned with the view to progress to formal rail capacity. Snow Lake will now commence internal studies and the approval process in order to deliver ore to the railhead or Highway 39. Snow Lake has multiple options to route the ore to the railhead through delivering ore on an established winter road route, barge or slurry pipeline direct from mine gate (figure 2 and 3). The Company intends to further investigate a simple mining operation with an ore sorting facility at the Thompson Brothers Lithium Project and haul out to the Tanco mine an upgraded material at up to a possible 3% Spodumene (subject to further and ongoing test work) or for delivery to the European market through the Port of Churchill or a combination of the two.


Figure 3 Conceptual Slurry Pipeline to railhead


Figure 4 – Proposed Slurry Polyethylene Pipeline Installation

Snow Lake CEO, Derek Knight commented Snow Lake will look to further de-risk the infrastructure requirements for the delivery of first direct shipping ore to Tanco through these preliminary discussions and site meetings, although not our only option to fast track our development, it certainly is a great opportunity we are pursuing quite rapidly.”


“ These preliminary discussions all form part of our proactive approach to fast track development strategy and supports our low capex, clear strategy and pathway to production and cash flow for the Thompson Brothers Lithium Project.


“A lot of work ahead of us although with these rapid developments, we are committed to becoming one of the first, if not the first lithium company to produce spodumene in Canada through the Tanco mine which will both benefit the communities of the Town of Snow Lake, Winnipeg, Churchill and surrounding areas .”




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Derek Knight




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