Snow Lake Resources Presents on Wekusko Lake Lithium Project

Snow Lake Resources Presents on Wekusko Lake Lithium Project 150 150 Snow Lake Resources

Snow Lake Resources presents on Wekusko Lake Lithium Project

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Marc Jackson

Snow Lake Resources (SLR), a company in the process of floating a January 2019 Initial Public Offering, held an information session in the Snow Lake Motor Inn on the evening of Friday December 21st.
The gathering served to introduce their COO Dale Schultz to residents and give folks an overview of himself, the company, as well as the mineral they are exploring for… Lithium.
Schultz began by giving a synopsis of the company, which included a bit of its history, prior to explaining the importance of lithium on the world stage. Noting that Lithium Brine Deposits were once seen as the more gainful way of exploiting the resource; the view is slowly changing towards hard rock deposits, due mainly to problems with costs and the method of processing lithium from brine.
Schultz explained the favorable geology of Manitoba and the Snow Lake area in respect to spodumene (the host rock of lithium crystals), prior to getting into the resource that his company has on the east side of nearby Wekusko Lake.
He summarized the drilling and other types of exploration done on the claims SLR holds in the area, noting that they currently have a 6.3 million tonnes @ 1.38% Li2O resource mapped out.
With plans to diamond drill 12,000 more metres in the New Year, they hope to expand those numbers and eventually bring the property into production. In this respect, he outlined several conceptual ways of mining the deposit and getting the product to market.
After a brief question and answer session, the audience showed appreciation for the presentation and the possibility of a new employer in the area, with a loud round of applause. Schultz thanked attendees and talked one on one with people afterwards, prior to resetting his visual aids for a reprise presentation to a new audience later that evening. MJ